About the Mayor

Kekayung Memalen ning Lubao:

The past year, we celebrated the 440th founding of our beloved town, Lubao. We celebrated the occasion with pride and joy – showcasing our culture and traditions, with oneness and camaraderie. Matula tamung pigmasusyan ing importanting okasyun ayni anyang milabas a banwa. Ikit tamu ing galing daring kekatamung kabalen, reng talentu daring kekatamung kayanakan, at ikit tamu na istung abe-abe tamung misaup-saup, agawa tamung matagumpe reng kekatamung proyektu at nanu mang kekatamung pinlanu. We were able to showcase the best in each of us through teamwork, team building, and with the right leadership.Antimu rin, ali mu king selebrasyun ayni meyakit ing kekatamung tagumpe bilang metung a balen. The past 30 months, we were able to accomplish so many things – and most have been very noticeable in our surroundings, our barrios, and the many avenues of my governance. However, the work is not yet done. Dakal pa ing dapat gawan! Ing kekayung talasuyu, kayabe reng hanggang opisyales, barangay leaders, at ninumang magobra king gobyernu – pasibayu dakong agkatang sumaup at misasanmetung para pakiabutan ing tagumpe ning kekatamung balen. Your leaders will not be able to accomplish everything just on their own. We need your help and support. We call on all of you to help us attain our targets, our goals, and ensure the aspirations of our youth and the dreams of our parents for their sons and daughters are well-attained. And the only way that we can do it is through our collective efforts – putting in our individual share as citizens of this town.

Kalupa ning sinabi ning kekatamung pakamalan a President Diosdado Macapagal, “The strength of the nation lies in the well-being of the common man.” Kalupa ng Nanay ku a gobernadora ning kekatamung lalawigan, sentru ning kakung administrasyun ing sopan at empower ya ing ”common man” – ikayu reti, kekaming mal a kabalen!

Pagsumikapan ku, kayantabe reng kekayung binotu at likluk a lideratu, ing ibye kekayu ing serbisyung tutu at karapat-dapat. The focus of my administration has always been the simple men and women of this town – allow them to have access to everything that is vital to their daily lives through the programs my administration and I have instituted. My programs do not just center on helping people. They are designed to empower and enable people to stand on their own, through their own capabilities, with the assistance of their government.

I believe in this philosophy of Kong Dadong that if the common man is enabled and given the right tools to live his or her life, he or she will be an asset to the community and will not pose as burden to the government and his fellowmen. Hence, my administration continues to work hard to sustain the needs of our kabalen and ensure that they are well-equipped to face any predicament they will encounter. Importanti kaku ing akit dakong matagumpe ngeni anti king daratang a panahun. Uling ikayu ing Lubao at ing kekayung tagumpe, tagumpe ne ning kekatamung balen – aliwa mu aku, nune ita mu ngan.

Anyang muna kung mamasyal king museum library nang Kong Dadong, abasa ke at tinatak ya kanaku ing makasulat ketang pader, “To the Filipino Youth, for whom we strive to build an esteemed, prosperous, and happy nation.”

I dream with Kong Dadong and each and every one of you! Bilang metung a pengari at anak ning makalukluk a gobernadora ning kekatamung probinsiya, my mother and I both know the importance of our children’s future.

Tiru da kaku ring pengari ku na istung midinan lang sapat a saup, lakas, at galing reng kekatamung kabalen, misadya ya ing masanting a bukas para kareng kekatamung kayanakan keni king Lubao. Susi ning masaya at masaplalang bukas ing pamisaup-saup tamu at pamisasanmetung antimong misiping-siping bale, abe keng obra, kaklasi king eskwela, mikakaluguran, mikakamaganak o mikakapatad. I am hopeful that with each other’s help, we can build this town, this province, and this nation a place where our children won’t have to leave to seek greener pastures elsewhere. I am hopeful that we can always call Lubao our home. I am hopeful that with our individual involvement, we will continue to make Lubao a God-fearing family centered, and a thriving home for each and everyone of us.

Panindigan tayang talakaran ing kekatamung bayung slogan: Wow Lubao! My Lubao!

Dakal pung salamat kekayu ngan.

Ing kekayung talasuyu,

Hon. Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab

(The message above will showcase the important qualities of the mayor as:

1. A servant-leader through the assertion of her humble works and achievements and by her claims that the triumph is not only hers but of everyone’s;

2. A mother(parent) and daughter (of the governor) through her love of the youth and dedication to the “common man”;

3. A proud Lubenian through the citations of former president Macapagal’s words, a native of Lubao; and

4. A Catholic/Christian through her God-fearing and family values. )