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Welcome Message of the Mayor

Welcome to the Official Website of the Municipality of Lubao!

We can never overemphasize the paramount role of modern technology in the advancement of human communications.

Whether in the private sector or in government functionalities, there is a need not only to merely embrace these technologies but to utilize their full potential to further our services to our constituents.

The Municipal Government of Lubao, under our leadership, recognizes the significance of modern communication technology, such as the internet, in our advocacy for efficient, dynamic and transparent governance. We make it a point to keep abreast with the fast-changing development of technology to become more relevant to the people we serve.

We at the local government unit put in our best effort to make this official website extensively informative and accessible to all its visitors.

Malaus kayu pu!

News &

Our History

Brimming with history and cultural heritage, Lubao is not only the oldest of all Kapampangan towns but is aptly called the Cradle of the Kapampangan Civilization (Duyan Ning Kamalayang Kapampangan). As the portal of a great civilization during its time, Lubao is colored with rich historical landscapes and cultural vestiges.

Municipal Profile

BABA and LUBAO are popular names used by the early Kapangpangan (or Kapampangan) settlers to describe the physical nature of the place. Geographically, the names point toward the extreme low topology of the town. Hence, throughout the history of Lubao, the popular word “low” became synonymous or associated to the meaning of the town. Historically, the etymologies of the names, BABA and LUBAO, are significant in the cosmological evolution and epochal development of the town as the Cradle of the Kapampangan Kingdom that later influenced the configuration of the Kapampangan Empire.

We Begin Again, Right Where we Are

Centuries ago, the seat of government in Lubao was in Barangay Sta. Catalina. Now, the time has come to return home, to make things better. The Honorable Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab envisions Lubao as a progressive hub to its people, and the first step to make this possible is the construction of the New Municipal building which would rise along Km. 83 McArthur Highway, Sta. Catalina, Lubao, Pampanga.

The location of the new municipal building has a total land area of 26,872 square meters. The new municipal building is a two storey