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107th Birth Anniversary of Jose B. Lingad

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines will celebrate the 107th birth anniversary of Jose B. Lingad to be held at the Jose Lingad Park and Museum in Lubao, Pampanga on 24 November 2021, Wednesday.
Highlights of the celebration are the unveiling of the historical marker “Jose B. Lingad (1914-1980)” and the opening of the “Faces of Heroism During the Second World War” exhibit which features Jose Lingad as a war veteran.
Jose Lingad was a lawyer and became the head of the Southern district, East Central Luzon Guerrilla Area, USAFFE, during World War II. He was also a local leader and became known as one of the martyrs during martial law regime. The museum will soon introduce Lingad as a democratic icon, hero, advocate for farmers and statement, and a Kapampangan figure in public service worthy of emulation.