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History of Lubao

Brimming with history and cultural heritage, Lubao is not only the oldest of all Kapampangan towns but is aptly called the Cradle of the Kapampangan Civilization (Duyan Ning Kamalayang Kapampangan). As the portal of a great civilization during its time, Lubao is colored with rich historical landscapes and cultural vestiges.

Lubao is blessed by God with many unique features such as its fertile greenfields that abound with abundant forest mangroves which teem with variety of aquatic sanctuaries; enormous brackish fishponds that breed prawns and milkfish; rich swamplands that house sanctuaries for birds and inland ponds; criss-crossing estuaries and tributaries that nestle estuarine flora and fauna; a regrowing business center of trade, commerce, and industry; a host for the religious, entrepreneurs, artisans, artists, overseas contract workers, farmers, and fishermen; the home of simple, bold, spiritual, and God-fearing citizens; and foremost, the hometown of humble and pious Excellencies: Diosdado Pangan Macapagal and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, presidents of the Republic of the Philippines.

Lubao as the Cradle of Kapampangan Civilization brims with antiquity through its timeless monuments: Catholicism, devout people, and good government.


Balen Lubao, balen ming tibuan
Balen a maluka mitmung kapayapan
King lagyung baba lalung pikabaluan
Dakal lang anak mu a tutung mirangal.

Ing banal mung lagyu king yatu mibantug
Uli ring sipagan anak mung malugud
Migmalasakit la baling mitaluktuk
Mipuk king tungkulan ing karelang imbut.

Luid ka, luid ka, balen ming palsintan
Balen Lubao tutung kaluguran
Ing lugud mi keka alang kayangganan.

Malugud ming balen king kekang kandungan
Ding kekang memalen, keka lang kanlungan
Uling ing nasa da tutung kapayapan
Ban lalung sumulong ing karelang kaby
Luid ka, luid ka, o balen beitan ayan.

Ninu mang magnasang gawang kataksilan
Keka o balen ko eraka gulutan
Ipamingwa raka anggang kamatayan
Ing banal mung lagyu ban e mimusingan.

Luid ka, luid ka, balen ming palsintan
Balen Lubao tutung kaluguran
Luid ka, luid ka, o balen beitan
Ing lugud mi keka alang kayangganan. (2X)