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Business Permit & Licensing

  • Municipal Assesor's Office

    Department Head: ARCH. DIOSDADO A. PAULE

    Telephone Number:

    Services offered:

    Transfer of Tax Declaration to New Owner


    For Simple Transfer:                                           

    1. Original Title
    2. Two (2) Xerox copies of Title
    3. Transfer Tax (Provincial Treasurer’s Office)
    4. Certificate Authorizing Registration
    5. Deed of Sale
    6. Tax Clearance (Municipal Treasurer’s Office)

    For subdivided Lots:

    1. Original Title
    2. Two (2) Xerox copies of Title
    3. Transfer Tax (Provincial Treasurer’s Office
    4. Certificate Authorizing Registration
    5. Deed of Sale
    6. Tax Clearance (Municipal Treasurer’s Office)
    7. Approved Subdivision plan with Property Index Number

    Declaration of Real Property

    (Newly discovered Property)


    For Land:                                                   

    1. Proof of Ownership
    2. Tax Clearance/Receipt (Municipal Treasurer’s Office)

    For Building and other improvements:

    1. Occupancy Permit
    2. Building Permit
    3. Floor Plan

    Issuance of Certifications

    • Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration
    • Certified Xerox copy of Tax Identification Map
    • Certificate of No Property
    • Certificate of No Improvement
    • Certificate of Right of Way
    • Certificate of Land Holdings


    Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration:

    1. Tax Receipt/ Clearance (Municipal Treasurer’s Office)
    2. Previous Tax Declaration

    Certified Xerox copy of Tax Identification Map:

    1. Approved Plan
    2. Tax Declaration

    Certificate of No Property:

    1. Name of Owner


    Certificate of No Improvement:

    1. 1. Tax Receipt/ Clearance (Municipal Treasurer’s Office)
    2. Tax Declaration
    3. Land Title

    Certificate of Right of Way:

    1. Name of Owner
    2. Land Title
    3. Tax Declaration

    Certificate of Land Holdings:

    1. Land Title

    Reassessment of Real Property

    Depreciation of Building and other Improvements


    For Reassessment of Real Property                   

    1. Letter Requesting Reassessment
    2. Tax Receipt/Clearance (Treasurer’s Office)
    3. Zoning Clearance (get from MPDC)

    For Depreciation of Building and other Improvements

    1. Tax Declaration
    2. Current Tax Receipt
  • Municipal Engineering Office

     Department Head: ENGR. FRANSISCO D. WAJE

    Telephone Number:

    Services offered:

    Issuance of Certificate of Annual Inspection


    1. Duly accomplished Application Form
    2. Barangay Clearance
    3. For Renewal, Copy of previous year’s Annual Certificate

    Issuance of Wiring Permit


    1. Residential Certification
    2. Two (2) copies of Electrical Layout
    3. For renewal, copy of previous year’s Wiring Permit

    Issuance of Occupancy Permit


    1. Certificate of Completion
    2. Log Book as Built Drawing

    Issuance of Building Permit


    1. Duly accomplished Application Form
    2. Barangay Clearance
    3. 5 sets of Plans, Specifications, Bill of Materials prepared, signed and sealed by;
    4. a) Licensed Architect or Civil Engineer in case of architectural and structural plans
    5. b) Licensed Sanitary Engineer or Master Plumber in case of plumbing or sanitary installation plans
    6. c) Professional Electrical Engineer incase of electrical plans
    7. d) Professional Mechanical Engineer in case of mechanical Plan
    8. 2 sets of Ownership Documents
    9. DPWH clearance, if building falls along DPWH-maintained road
    10. 4 sets Locational Plan duly signed and sealed by a Geodetic Engineer,
    11. Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration
    12. 3 sets Structural Analysis for Building more than one Storey (signed and sealed every page by a Structural Engineer)
    13. Local Fire Clearance
    14. Specimen Signature, Xerox Copy of PTR and PRC ID of engineers and architects concerned
  • Municipal Planning and Development

     Department Head: ENGR. DANILO C. AQUINO

    Telephone Number:

     Services offered:

    Issuance of Zoning Certification


    1. Land Title
    2. Location Map
    3. Tax Declaration
    4. Tax Clearance

    Issuance of Locational Clearance

    • Residential and Commercial Buildings
    • Subdivision and Memorial Projects
    • Agro-Industrial Projects


    For Residential and Commercial Buildings:

    1. Land Title
    2. Tax Declaration (Municipal Assessor’s Office)
    3. Tax Clearance (Municipal Treasurer’s Office)
    4. Zoning Certification
    5. Barangay Clearance
    6. Sanitary Permit (Municipal Health Office)
    7. Duly accomplished Application Form
    8. Building Plans and Cost estimates
    9. Clearance from DPWH if location is along DPWH maintained road

    For Subdivision and Memorial Projects:

    1. ECC
    2. Certificate of No Objection
    3. DOH Clearance
    4. MGB Clearance
    5. Certificate of Conduct of Public Hearing
    6. All required documents for Residential Projects

    For Agro-Industrial Projects:

    1. ECC
    2. Certificate of No Objection
    3. Certificate of Conduct of Public Hearing
    4. All required documents in Residential Projects
  • Municipal Health Office

     Department Head: DR. RUDY P. ONG

    Telephone Number:

    Services offered:

    Issuance of Sanitary Permit


    Food and Non-Food:

    1. Duly Accomplished Application Form (Municipal Sanitary Office)
    2. Barangay Certification
    3. For renewal, previous year’s Sanitary Permit

    Additional requirements based on category:

    • a) Food Establishment:

    - Sanitary Plan

    - Waste Water Treatment Facility design and provision

    - Food and drug permit

    - Business Name

    - National Meat Inspection Service Clearance

    - Bacteriological, Physical-Chemical result of drinking Water Source with Certificate of Potability from   local health office

    - Photos of Sanitary Facilities

    - Insect and Vermin Control Measure

    - Food handler’s Training

    - First Aid room

    • b) Public places

    Schools, Hotels, Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Malls, Abbatoirs, Tonsorial, Banks,

    Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Clinics, Sports Den, Recreation Area, Resorts, Swimming Pools,

    Cockpits and others.

    - Sanitary Plan (signed and sealed by a registered Sanitary Engineer)

    - Photo of Sanitary Facilities

    - ECC-DENR

    - Business Name (DTI)

    - Bacteriological Exam/Physical-Chemical Exam of Water Source

    - License to Operate (DENR)

    - 1st Aid Kit (Corner)

    • c) Drug Stores

    - Licensed Pharmacist

    - BFAD Permit

    • d) Funeral Parlor

    - Licensed Embalmer

    - Sanitary Plan

    • e) Agro-Industrial Establishments, Poultry and Piggery

    - Sanitary Plan

    - ECC-DENR

    - Permit to Operate

    - Discharge Permit/ Waste Water Treatment Facility

    - Contract of Employment of Pollution Control Officer

    • f) Industrial Establishments – Manufacturing/production

    - Sanitary Plan

    - ECC DENR

    - License to operate

    - Lot Title

    - Business Name - DTI

    - Pollution Control Officer Contract

    - Water treatment facilities plan/picture

    - Engineering Report and Plan of Water Supply Source

    - HLURB Zoning Permit/SB

    • g) Water Refilling Stations

    - Sanitary Plan

    - Engineering Report

    - Physical-Chemical Analysis (every 6 months)

    - Bacteriological Analysis (every month)

    - Sanitary Engineer Contract (Consultant)

    - 40 hrs, Training Course, (if none promissory note to attend)

    • h) Waterworks
      • - Endorsement from RHU
      • - Inspector report of Sanitary Inspector
      • - Water Site Clearance
      • - Certificate of Potability
      • - Physical/Chemical/Bacteriological analysis (Raw and Product)
      • - Sanitary Plan (SE)
      • - Development Plan/Site Development
      • - Feasibility Study –IEE DENR
      • - ECC / CNC (DENR)
      • - SB Resolution (Development Plan)
      • - Barangay Clearance
      • - Title of Lot / Memorandum of Agreement / Contract of Lease/
      • - Tax Declaration of Real Property
      • - Vicinity Map / Location Plan
      • - Sanitary Survey
      • - Engineer’s Report
      • - Water Permit (NWRB)
    • i) Memorial Parks
      • - Letter of Application
      • - Development Permit of Owner
      • - Lot Title (any other supporting documents in the acquisition of lands)
      • - Tax declaration of Real Property
      • - Municipal Resolution
      • - Plans duly signed and sealed by respective profession;
    • * Architectural Plans
      • - Perspective
      • - Elevations of Building/ sections/ details
      • - Site development
      • - Lot Plan Vicinity Map
      • - Certificate from Local Health Officials that site fits purpose and
      • Inspection report of assigned inspector in the locality.
      • - Waiver of residents if site is within 20 meters zone and with water Supply source within 50 meters zone
      • - Development plans should complete the following;

    1) Drainage system

    2) Fencing /Strong Gate

    3) Chapel

    4) Toilets for separate sex

    5) Administrative Office

    6) Pavements/Roadways/Path walks


    Issuance of Health Certificate


    Food Establishment:

    1. a) Videoke / Resto Bars

    For GRO’s                                                               Others (Cooks, Crew, Helpers etc.):

    -      Cervical Smear                                               - Urinalysis

    -      HIV                                                                  - Fecalysis

    -      Hepatitis B                                                      - X-ray

    -      Drug test

    -      Urinalysis

    -      Fecalysis

    -      X-ray

    -      Sedula

    -      Birth Certificate

    -      Brgy. Clearance

    -      Working Permit

    -      Police Clearance

    -      2x2 pictures – 2pcs

    1. b) Others

    -      Urinalysis

    -      Fecalysis

    -      X-ray

    -      Hepa-B

    -      Drug Test


    For Non-Food Establishments:

    • -      Urinalysis
    • -      Fecalysis
    • -      X-ray
  • Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office

     Department Head: CECILIA M. BERNAL

    Telephone Number:

    Services offered:

    Registration of Birth and Marriage


    For Timely Registration of Birth:                                 

    1. Certificate of Live Birth COLB
    2. Marriage Contract of Parents (if married)
    3. Signed Affidavit of Acknowledgement (if not married)

    For Delayed Registration of Birth:                     

    1. Certificate of Live Birth (COLB)
    2. Marriage Certificate of Parents (if married)
    3. Signed Affidavit of Acknowledgement (if not married)
    4. Negative Result
    5. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested person
    6. Two (2) documentary evidence showing name of child, date and place of birth and parentage
    7. Community Tax Certificate (CTC)

    For Timely registration of Marriage:

    1. Marriage Certificate

    For Delayed Registration of Marriage:

    1. Certificate of Marriage
    2. Negative Result
    3. Affidavit of Spouse
    4. Affidavit of Solemnizing Officer
    5. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested parties


    Registration of Death


    For timely registration:                              

    1. Death Certificate

    For delayed registration of Death:

    1. Negative Result
    2. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons
    3. Certification from Cemetery Caretaker

    Correction of Clerical Error (Birth, Marriage & Death)


    1. Petition Paper (CCE)
    2. Certificate involved
    3. 3-5 documents with correct entry (e.g. baptismal certificate, school records, business records, etc.)

    Change of First Name


    • Petition Paper (CFN)
      • Same requirement as in correction of clerical error
      • Additional:
      • Birth Certificate
      • NBI Clearance
      • Police Clearance
    • Judge Clearance
      • Certificate of Employment
      • Affidavit of Non-employment (if unemployed)

    Registration of Legal Instrument

    Affidavit of:

    • Legitimation
    • Legal Capacity
    • Reappearance
    • Acknowledgement
    • Option to Elect Citizenship


    For Legimitation:                                    

    1. Registered COLB
    2. Affidavit of Legitimation
    3. CENOMAR of parents
    4. Marriage Certificate of parents

    For Acknowledgement:

    1. Affidavit of Acknowledgement
    2. Registered Certificate of Live Birth (COLB)


    For Legal Capacity:

    1. Certificate of Legal Capacity


    For Option to Elect Citizenship

    1. Oath Allegiance to the Constitution
    1.  Affidavit of the Party

    For Reappearance:

    1. Affidavit of Reappearance

    Application for Marriage License


    1. Accomplished Application for Marriage License/Birth Certificate / Baptismal
    2. Certificate of  the contracting   parties
    3. Family Planning
    4. Marriage Counseling (below 25 yrs. old)
    5. Parental Consent (18 to 20 yrs. old)
    6. Parental Advice (21 to 24 yrs. old)
    7. Legal Capacity (for Alien/Foreigner)
    8. Divorce Decree (for Divorced)
    9. Court Decree (for Annulled)
    10. Death Certificate & Marriage ( for widow)

    Proper Annotation of Court Decree

    • Correction of Clerical Error
    • Annulment
    • Adoption
    • Presumptive Death


    For Correction of Clerical Error:                                  

    1. Court Decree
    2. Certificate of Finality
    3. Document Involved
    4. Certificate of Registration


    For Annulment:

    1. Court Decree
    2. Certificate of Finality
    3. Certificate of Registration
    4. Marriage Certificate

    For Adoption:                                   

    1. Court Decree
    2. Certificate of Finality
    3. Certificate of Registration

    For Presumptive Death:

    1. Court Decree
    2. Certificate of Finality
    3. Certificate of Registration

    Issuance of Registered Documents


    Data of the registered document being requested

  • Municipal Social Welfare and Development

    Department Head: MARILOU DELOS REYES

    Telephone Number:

    Services Offered:

    Social Case Study Report


    1. Barangay Clearance/ Certificate
    2. Reports and documents involving the following:
    • - PCSO
    • - Hospital / Medical Institution
    • - Resettlement
    • - Financial Grant
    • - Scholarship Grant
    • - Medical Assistance
    • - Court Cases
    • - Travel Clearances of Children


    Aid for Individual in Crisis Situation


    1. Barangay Certificate
    2. Other Documents needed (medical abstract, death cert., letter of complaint, PNP Brgy. Blotter

    Self-employment Assistance


    1. Barangay Certificate
    2. Community Tax Certificate (CTC)
    3. Recent Photo
    4. Simplified Project Proposal

    Pre-Marriage Counseling



    1. 1. Application Form for Marriage
    2. Duly Accomplished Pre-Marriage Application Form

    Referral Cases


    1. Barangay Certificate
    2. Letter from requesting party

    Counseling Services on:


    • Child Abuse
    • VAWC, CICL and other related cases


    1. Medical Certificate on condition of person
    2. Proof/s of abuse (photos etc)
    3. Letter of complaint

    Issuance of Indigency Certification


    1. Barangay Certificate
    2. Residence Certificate

    For Scholarship Grant:                                        

    1. Scholastic Credentials
    2. Tax Exemption
    3. Picture and duly accomplished
    4. Application Form

    For Legal Assistance:

    1. Resolution from Provincial Prosecutors
    2. Subpoena
    3. Complaint

    For Medical Support:                                          

    1. Medical Abstract / Hospital Bills


    For Financial /Food Help:

    1. Tax Exemption
    2. List of indigent families in the barangay (Survey Report)


    For Resettlement / Housing:

    1. Barangay Survey with name of Client (Disaster Victim)
  • Municipal Treasurer’s Office

    Department Head: ARTURO R. DE LEON

    Telephone Number:

    Services Offered:

    Issuance of Business Taxes and Licenses (Business Permit)


    For New Business :                                    

    1. 3 pcs. 2x2 picture
    2. Barangay Business Clearance
    3. Sanitary and Health Permit - secure at Municipal Health Office
    4. Annual Building Inspection Permit - secure at Municipal Engineering Department
    5. Fire Inspection Permit - secure at Fire Marshall’s Office
    6. Other Clearances

    (DTI, SEC, BIR, Zoning Clearance and Financial Statement)

    1. Duly accomplished application form

    For Renewal:

    1. Barangay Business Clearance
    2. Sanitary and Health Permit
    3. Annual Building Inspection Permit
    4. Fire Inspection Permit
    5. Other Clearances

    (DTI, SEC, BIR, Locational Clearance, Financial Statement)

    1. Duly accomplished application form

    Issuance of Termination of Business


    1. Barangay Certificate of Closure
    2. Notarized Affidavit of Closure
    3. Business Plate Registry
    4. Any proof of gross receipts in the previous period (Financial Statement, BIR payments, etc)
    5. Duly accomplished Application Form

    Issuance of Motorized Tricycle

    Operators Permit (MTOP)


    1. Duly accomplished Application Form
    2. Sales Invoice, Official Receipt, Certificate of Sales (if the unit is for registration) or Original OR and CR (if already registered at LTO) - for new application
    3. Original O.R and Photocopy C.R - for renewal
    4. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
    5. Barangay Business Clearance
    6. TODA Certification (bearing TODA Body Number and Plate Number)
    7. Driver’s License of Applicant/Driver
    8. Motorcycle with sidecar painted with designated TODA color to be presented for inspection and photograph

    Issuance of Special Permit


    1. Letter of Request (indicating details of activity)
    2. Approval from the Mayor’s Office

    Issuance of Real Property Tax


    1. Order of Payment from Assessor’s Office
    2. Previous/Current Official Receipt
  • Municipal Agricultural Office

    Department Head: MARIA Q.DAVID

    Telephone Number:

    Services Offered:


    Issuance of Farmer’s Certification


    1. Community Tax Certificate
    2. Certification from Barangay that he/she is a farmer


    Technical Assistance (Crops)


    1. Samples of damaged crops
    2. Community tax Certificate

    Technical Assistance



    1. Letter Request from Barangay Captain
    2. Community Tax Certificate

    Source: Lubenian’s Charter Manual