Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office

Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office

Department Head: CECILIA M. BERNAL

Telephone Number: 971-6276 Loc. 117

Services offered:

Registration of Birth and Marriage


For Timely Registration of Birth:   

1. Certificate of Live Birth COLB

2. Marriage Contract of Parents (if married)

3. Signed Affidavit of Acknowledgement (if not married)

For Delayed Registration of Birth:                     

1. Certificate of Live Birth (COLB)

2. Marriage Certificate of Parents (if married)

3. Signed Affidavit of Acknowledgement (if not married)

4. Negative Result

5. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested person

6. Two (2) documentary evidence showing name of child, date and place of birth and parentage

7. Community Tax Certificate (CTC)

For Timely registration of Marriage:

1. Marriage Certificate

For Delayed Registration of Marriage:

1. Certificate of Marriage

2. Negative Result

3. Affidavit of Spouse

4. Affidavit of Solemnizing Officer

5. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested parties

Registration of Death


For timely registration:                            

1. Death Certificate


For delayed registration of Death:

1. Negative Result

2. Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons

3. Certification from Cemetery Caretaker

Correction of Clerical Error (Birth, Marriage & Death)


  1. Petition Paper (CCE)
  2. Certificate involved
  3. 3-5 documents with correct entry (e.g. baptismal certificate, school records, business records, etc.)

Change of First Name


  1. Petition Paper (CFN)

Same requirement as in correction of clerical error


Birth Certificate

NBI Clearance

Police Clearance

  1. Judge Clearance

Certificate of Employment

Affidavit of Non-employment (if unemployed)

Registration of Legal Instrument

 Affidavit of:

  • Legitimation
  • Legal Capacity
  • Reappearance
  • Acknowledgement
  • Option to Elect Citizenship


For Legimitation:     

1. Registered COLB

2. Affidavit of Legitimation

3. CENOMAR of parents

4. Marriage Certificate of parents

 For Acknowledgement:

 1. Affidavit of Acknowledgement

2. Registered Certificate of Live Birth (COLB)

For Legal Capacity:

1. Certificate of Legal Capacity


For Option to Elect Citizenship:

1. Oath Allegiance to the Constitution

2. Affidavit of the Party

            For Reappearance

1. Affidavit of Reappearance

Application for Marriage License


  1. Accomplished Application for Marriage License/Birth Certificate / Baptismal
  2. Certificate of the contracting   parties
  3. Family Planning
  4. Marriage Counseling (below 25 yrs. old)
  5. Parental Consent (18 to 20 yrs. old)
  6. Parental Advice (21 to 24 yrs. old)
  7. Legal Capacity (for Alien/Foreigner)
  8. Divorce Decree (for Divorced)
  9. Court Decree (for Annulled)
  10. Death Certificate & Marriage ( for widow)

Proper Annotation of Court Decree

  • Correction of Clerical Error
  • Annulment
  • Adoption
  • Presumptive Death


For Correction of Clerical Error:                                  

  1. Court Decree
  2. Certificate of Finality
  3. Document Involved
  4. Certificate of Registration

For Annulment:

  1. 1.Court Decree
  2. 2.Certificate of Finality
  3. 3.Certificate of Registration
  4. 4.Marriage Certificate

For Adoption:                                                

  1. 1.Court Decree
  2. 2.Certificate of Finality
  3. 3.Certificate of Registration

For Presumptive Death:

  1. Court Decree
  2. Certificate of Finality
  3. Certificate of Registration

Issuance of Registered Documents


Data of the registered document being requested

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