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Municipal Engineering Office

Municipal Engineering Office

Department Head: ENGR. FRANSISCO D. WAJE

Telephone Number: 971-6276 Local 114

Services offered:

Issuance of Certificate of Annual Inspection


1. Duly accomplished Application Form

2. Barangay Clearance

3. For Renewal, Copy of previous year’s Annual Certificate

Issuance of Wiring Permit


1. Residential Certification

2. Two (2) copies of Electrical Layout

3. For renewal, copy of previous year’s Wiring Permit

Issuance of Occupancy Permit


1. Certificate of Completion

2. Log Book as Built Drawing

Issuance of Building Permit


1. Duly accomplished Application Form

2. Barangay Clearance

3. 5 sets of Plans, Specifications, Bill of Materials prepared, signed and sealed by;

a) Licensed Architect or Civil Engineer in case of architectural and structural plans

b) Licensed Sanitary Engineer or Master Plumber in case of plumbing or sanitary installation plans

c) Professional Electrical Engineer incase of electrical plans

d) Professional Mechanical Engineer in case of mechanical Plan

4. 2 sets of Ownership Documents

5. DPWH clearance, if building falls along DPWH-maintained road

6. 4 sets Locational Plan duly signed and sealed by a Geodetic Engineer,

7. Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration

8. 3 sets Structural Analysis for Building more than one Storey (signed and sealed every page by a Structural Engineer)

9. Local Fire Clearance

10. Specimen Signature, Xerox Copy of PTR and PRC ID of engineers and architects concerned