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Municipal Health Office

Municipal Health Office

Department Head: DR. RUDY P. ONG

Telephone Number: 971-6276

Services offered:

Issuance of Sanitary Permit


Food and Non-Food:

1. Duly Accomplished Application Form (Municipal Sanitary Office)

2. Barangay Certification

3. For renewal, previous year’s Sanitary Permit

Additional requirements based on category:

a) Food Establishment:

– Sanitary Plan

– Waste Water Treatment Facility design and provision

– Food and drug permit

– Business Name

– National Meat Inspection Service Clearance

– Bacteriological, Physical-Chemical result of drinking Water Source with Certificate of Potability from          local health office

– Photos of Sanitary Facilities

– Insect and Vermin Control Measure

– Food handler’s Training

– First Aid room

b) Public places

Schools, Hotels, Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Malls, Abbatoirs, Tonsorial, Banks,

Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Clinics, Sports Den, Recreation Area, Resorts, Swimming Pools,

Cockpits and others.

– Sanitary Plan (signed and sealed by a registered Sanitary Engineer)

– Photo of Sanitary Facilities


– Business Name (DTI)

– Bacteriological Exam/Physical-Chemical Exam of Water Source

– License to Operate (DENR)

– 1st Aid Kit (Corner)

c) Drug Stores

– Licensed Pharmacist

– BFAD Permit

d) Funeral Parlor

– Licensed Embalmer

– Sanitary Plan

e) Agro-Industrial Establishments, Poultry and Piggery

– Sanitary Plan


– Permit to Operate

– Discharge Permit/ Waste Water Treatment Facility

– Contract of Employment of Pollution Control Officer

f) Industrial Establishments – Manufacturing/production

– Sanitary Plan


– License to operate

– Lot Title

– Business Name – DTI

– Pollution Control Officer Contract

– Water treatment facilities plan/picture

– Engineering Report and Plan of Water Supply Source

– HLURB Zoning Permit/SB

g) Water Refilling Stations

– Sanitary Plan

– Engineering Report

– Physical-Chemical Analysis (every 6 months)

– Bacteriological Analysis (every month)

– Sanitary Engineer Contract (Consultant)

– 40 hrs, Training Course, (if none promissory note to attend)

h) Waterworks

– Endorsement from RHU

– Inspector report of Sanitary Inspector

– Water Site Clearance

– Certificate of Potability

– Physical/Chemical/Bacteriological analysis (Raw and Product)

– Sanitary Plan (SE)

– Development Plan/Site Development

– Feasibility Study –IEE DENR


– SB Resolution (Development Plan)

– Barangay Clearance

– Title of Lot / Memorandum of Agreement / Contract of Lease/

– Tax Declaration of Real Property

– Vicinity Map / Location Plan

– Sanitary Survey

– Engineer’s Report

– Water Permit (NWRB)

i) Memorial Parks

– Letter of Application

– Development Permit of Owner

– Lot Title (any other supporting documents in the acquisition of lands)

– Tax declaration of Real Property

– Municipal Resolution

– Plans duly signed and sealed by respective profession;

* Architectural Plans

– Perspective

– Elevations of Building/ sections/ details

– Site development

– Lot Plan Vicinity Map

– Certificate from Local Health Officials that site fits purpose and

Inspection report of assigned inspector in the locality.

– Waiver of residents if site is within 20 meters zone and with water

Supply source within 50 meters zone

– Development plans should complete the following;

1) Drainage system

2) Fencing /Strong Gate

3) Chapel

4) Toilets for separate sex

5) Administrative Office

6) Pavements/Roadways/Path walks

Issuance of Health Certificate


Food Establishment:

a) Videoke / Resto Bars

For GRO’s                                                               Others (Cooks, Crew, Helpers etc.):


–      Cervical Smear                                               – Urinalysis

–      HIV                                                                  – Fecalysis

–      Hepatitis B                                                      – X-ray

–      Drug test

–      Urinalysis

–      Fecalysis

–      X-ray

–      Sedula

–      Birth Certificate

–      Brgy. Clearance

–      Working Permit

–      Police Clearance

–      2×2 pictures – 2pcs

b) Others

–      Urinalysis

–      Fecalysis

–      X-ray

–      Hepa-B

–      Drug Test

For Non-Food Establishments:

–      Urinalysis

–      Fecalysis

–      X-ray