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Municipal Planning and Development

Municipal Planning and Development

Department Head: ENGR. DANILO C. AQUINO

Telephone Number: 971-5985

Services offered:

Issuance of Zoning Certification


1. Land Title

2. Location Map

3. Tax Declaration

4. Tax Clearance

Issuance of Locational Clearance

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Subdivision and Memorial Projects
  • Agro-Industrial Projects


For Residential and Commercial Buildings:      

1. Land Title

2. Tax Declaration (Municipal Assessor’s Office)

3. Tax Clearance (Municipal Treasurer’s Office)

4. Zoning Certification

5. Barangay Clearance

6. Sanitary Permit (Municipal Health Office)

7. Duly accomplished Application Form

8. Building Plans and Cost estimates

9. Clearance from DPWH if location is along DPWH maintained road

For Subdivision and Memorial Projects:

1. ECC

2. Certificate of No Objection

3. DOH Clearance

4. MGB Clearance

5. Certificate of Conduct of Public Hearing

6. All required documents for Residential Projects

For Agro-Industrial Projects:

1. ECC

2. Certificate of No Objection

3. Certificate of Conduct of Public Hearing

4. All required documents in Residential Projects

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